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Why ENC CAD Services?

Technical capability:

With over 30 years immersed in the manufacturing and machining industry, I bring extensive experience to the table. My background collaborating closely with mechanical, electrical, industrial, and plant engineers has honed my expertise across multiple engineering domains. Rather than being a run-of-the-mill drafting firm, I pride myself on being an engineering and design support partner, offering specialized and tailored solutions.

Rapid Turnaround:

I'm ready to kickstart your project right away. With a lead-time as short as 12 hours, I'm committed to meeting your deadlines. I'm flexible and available during evenings and weekends, ensuring your project stays on track and aligns with any milestone dates you have in place.


Competitive and Budget-Friendly Rates.
Offering Approximately 40% in Cost Savings.

English speaking designers:

Engaging effectively during collaborative design work, ensuring no communication barriers or misunderstandings, and facilitating direct communication with the designer handling the project.

Intellectual property protection:

Signed confidentiality and disclosure agreements as per client requests. Implementing robust internal control processes, ensuring information sharing internally is strictly based on necessity and relevance.

Feel free to reach out today to initiate your project.

I'm here to transform your concepts into reality. Let's make it happen...

Best Regards,
Eddie Alexander
Owner - Designer
ENC CAD Services, LLC

Call me at - 601-669-2477


I am well-versed in Solidworks, utilizing its features to create innovative designs and efficiently manage billing hours. Even if you don't use Solidworks, I can generate a universal CAD files compatible with any CAD program.

To access the drawings we send, you'll need CAD drafting software such as Solidworks. We also offer drawings in 2D format, available as PDFs and compatible with free and user-friendly CAD file viewers. For a head start, you can download the eDrawings Viewer from the Solidworks website.

I offer a reasonable number of revisions during the CAD drafting process, typically around 2 hours, which can be negotiated upfront before the project commences. Collaboration is essential—I'll closely collaborate with you, keeping you informed about any challenges or necessary modifications throughout. Specializing in manufacturing, my goal is to ensure your designs are both profitable and feasible.

Compatibility can vary based on the manufacturer and the CAD or machine software they use. I'm capable of exporting to universal CAD file formats like STEP or Parasolid xt, among others. It's advisable to consult your manufacturer beforehand. In most cases, manufacturers prefer CAD files over surface or mesh files for optimal compatibility.

Examples of 3D Model Representation

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Piston Section

This is the piston model before section.

I specialize in creating various renderings of your product. These serve two purposes: aiding your visualization of the product and providing a highly accurate representation of its expected appearance post-manufacturing.

ENC CAD Services

This is a section view of the piston model.

I'm able to generate diverse 3D model views and detailed section views of your project. These visual aids are invaluable in helping both you and your clients grasp the product's functionality and design intricacies.


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