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About Me

Across over three decades, I've immersed myself in the operations of large to medium manufacturing facilities, amassing extensive hands-on experience. During this tenure, I encountered diverse, intricate tooling and manufacturing challenges. Through innovative problem-solving, I implemented effective techniques, bolstering productivity while minimizing downtime. By identifying and remedying weaknesses in automated machines, tooling, and processes, I consistently elevated quality standards and overall productivity for these companies.

My expertise spans across various domains including 3D Modeling, CAD, 3D Printing, tool making, tool design, product design, and automated machinery. I possess proven capabilities in enhancing strategies and implementing methodologies within companies. I believe that these skills would significantly benefit and positively impact your facility's operations.

I'm eager to hear from you soon. Should you have any queries or need clarification on any information before then, please don't hesitate to contact me via the telephone number or email provided below.

Best Regards,
Eddie Alexander
Owner - Designer
ENC CAD Services LLC

Call us at - 601-669-2477

"Dreamers are not always met with warm receptions. Dreamers tend to think everyone should be happy about their dream. But those closest to you, even your relatives, may sometimes resent your dream. They feel like your blessing may somehow take away from them. A dreamer must have a tenacious commitment to his dream. You cannot have a dream and be dependent on other people to verify the authenticity of your dream." TDJ

I am genuinely enthusiastic to hear about our clients' dreams, ideas, and improvement visions. Share your aspirations with us, and we'll be thrilled to collaborate and assist you in achieving them. Your dreams are our inspiration!


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