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◾2D and 3D Drafting and Design: Comprehensive design services      spanning both 2D and 3D dimensions.

◾3D Modeling: Crafting detailed and realistic 3D models for various       purposes.

◾3D Printing: Utilizing 3D printing technology to bring designs to life.

◾Product Design: Offering expertise in conceptualizing and developing      innovative products.

◾Tool and Die Design: Designing tools and dies for manufacturing       processes.

◾Machine Design: Design services tailored for machinery development.

◾Prototype Drawings: Creating detailed drawings for prototyping      purposes.

◾Presentations and Movies: Generating visual presentations and      animations to showcase projects.

◾Line Drawings for Patent Attorney: Providing precise line drawings for         patent applications.

◾Conversion from Paper to CAD: Converting hand-drawn or paper          designs into digital CAD formats.

◾As-Built Projects: Documenting projects accurately as they are built or       developed.

◾Electrical Drawings and Schematics: Detailing electrical systems and        schematics.

◾Hydraulic, Pneumatic, and Fluid Schematics: Designing fluid systems        and piping in 3D.

◾Customized 3D Renderings: Offering various colors, textures, and       effects to produce realistic 3D models.

◾Custom Dimension Standards: Providing dimensions in standard       inches, metric, or a combination for international manufacturing needs.

This list spans a comprehensive range of design and development services tailored to various industries and project requirements.

See my gallery page of 3D renderings.

My suite of services encompasses everything from 2D and 3D drafting and design to prototype development and even assistance with patent-related drawings. I specialize in creating lifelike 3D models that allow you to visualize your product before investing in production, saving you unnecessary expenses. My flexibility in working with different measurement standards caters to clients involved in global manufacturing. Additionally, I create assembly presentations and animations to effectively showcase your product's functionality. From design to production, I provide comprehensive support, including tooling media creation to streamline the transition.

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